Why You Should Speak With Us

Beacon Bay Holding’s philosophy is to be a trusted partner with leading executives to build great businesses. We start every investment evaluation with the management team first, because we know that a superior management is the essential ingredient in successful investments. You should speak with us because:

EXECUTIVE FIRST™ Program. We often partner with talented executives to search for businesses to buy, with the partner executive then taking the role of CEO of the purchased company. We will work with the executive to help refine their investment thesis, uncover opportunities that fall within that thesis, and close appropriate investments. Post-purchase, we are a trusted partner to significantly grow the value of the business and realize such investment on the timeline that makes sense for the investment and partner executive.

BEST ADVISORS™ Program. A core component of our investment strategy is to build a tailored group of advisors for every investment BBH makes. These advisors are leading executives that bring deep industry or functional expertise, experience and relationships that directly intersect with the primary forward value drivers of a particular investment. We are continually expanding our network of potential Best Advisors™.

Respect and Build Strong Working Relationships With Our Executive Partners. We know the last thing you need as an executive is an investor that does not understand the business and is just “another person to manage or report to.” That is not us – we understand first-hand what it is like to juggle strategy, leadership, mentorship and training alongside meeting payroll, capital needs and execution challenges because we have been CEOs too. You can count on us to be an insightful sounding board as well as partner to not just talk about but also help drive and execute (when needed) value creation priorities for the company.

Non-Institutional, Flexible Capital. Beacon Bay Holdings does not raise funds from institutional investors. We have built long-term relationships with large family offices, families and executives that have built value in their businesses just like you have done. This means we bring a different perspective and are unencumbered by the restrictions inherent in typical funds. This allows us to structure our investments creatively, providing innovative solutions to capital needs. It also enables us to invest with an undefined time horizon, where we look to sell a business only when it is right for the business rather than other criteria, such as when an institutional fund needs to raise their next fund. Our singular focus is making the right decisions to create significant forward value for all stakeholders. This often makes us the preferred partner of executive teams.

Alignment. Beacon Bay Holdings principals invest personally in all of our partner companies, so we are truly aligned with you.

Passionate About Helping Executives Succeed. This is not just a job for us. Beacon Bay Holdings was created because we are passionate about helping good companies and great operating executives succeed and build world-class companies. You can count on our attention and partnership.

Give us a call. We would love to hear your ideas and get to know you.