Why You Should Speak With Us

We understand you, like few other investment firms can. We have also invested not only our personal capital but also our ideas, expertise, experience, relationships and dedication to build businesses. We know what it is like to juggle strategy, leadership, mentorship and training alongside meeting payroll, capital needs and execution challenges. We will be the true partner you can count on. We will:

Provide the Best Capital Solution. We will listen, formulate and deliver the best capital and structuring solution to meet your specific needs. We are not constrained by institutional investment boxes or committees.

Align Ourselves With You. We invest personally in each investment. It is critical that all of us are invested together, for the same reasons, and with the same goals in mind. You never have to worry about our need to “flip an investment” because we are fundraising. We are not an institutional fund with other considerations in mind. Our only goal is to maximize the value of your business together with you.

Bring Real Value. We do not simply bring capital to your business. We bring outside industry experts to each company, and foster an environment with aligned incentives where they contribute in specific ways that will decrease the time or increase the effectiveness of our strategy and tactics to grow revenue and profits. We are not an additional “person to report to.” We roll up our sleeves together with you – helping to find new growth opportunities, attract new talent, strengthen your processes, access our network of contacts, and bring new insights to your business.

Provide Timely Feedback and Follow-Through. Having been operational CEOs and executives ourselves, we understand the importance of speedy decision-making and responsiveness. Many other investment firms move to a different rhythm: their own. They have bureaucracies to deal with, so you do not get answers quickly or the answer seems to keep changing. Beacon Bay Holdings does not have a lengthy approval processes. You deal directly with the principals of BBH and know you are speaking with the decision-makers.  We also know a true partnership between management and investor is a two-way street. We expect things from each other; and when we both deliver, the business succeeds. You will be the priority for us. You can count on us to be responsive to your needs, and follow through on our responsibilities promptly.

Be Passionate About Helping You Succeed. This is not just a job for us. Beacon Bay Holdings was created because we are passionate about helping good operating executives and businesses achieve success and become world-class companies. You can count on our attention and partnership.

Beacon Bay Holdings should be your trusted partner to significantly grow the value of your business.