Unique Ability to Add Value

Most investment firms are run by financial people. Like a lender or investment banker, they can run financial models and figure out how to put debt and equity into a company. That is not Beacon Bay Holdings. We are operators with capital and a strong network, eager to help you take your business to the next level. And we only invest when there is a trusted partnership with management.

We Are Operators Too. The professionals at Beacon Bay Holdings are all former CEOs and operating professionals. We ran service companies and manufacturing companies. We made payroll, hired people, raised capital, managed growth, made acquisitions, turned around troubled operations, built brands and successfully sold these businesses. We had lots of fun while generating strong returns for all stakeholders.

Experience Counts. We do not have all the answers, but we have walked in your shoes. We have learned some painful lessons we can share, and we know firsthand some best practices that might help you. We will invest personally alongside you and your management team, and help to build the business with you.

Hands-On Help. Perhaps we can help you with international distribution, attracting top talent to your company, prioritizing among too many compelling growth initiatives, better sourcing, developing a strategic planning discipline across your team, creating product extensions, reworking your compensation programs, expanding into new distribution channels, better managing working capital or selecting and implementing a new ERP system. Or maybe there are other priorities. We are certain that we can help in your core priorities, not because we know better than you or your team but because we provide an outsider’s perspective as well as bring additional industry and functional experts onto our team to specifically help drive value creation in your business.

Expansion of Your Network. Often we can help by picking up the phone and getting you access to top executives at target companies, where we have strong relationships and have established personal credibility. These may be partnering opportunities to expand your reach, or they may be customers you have been trying to penetrate.

Passionate About Helping You Succeed. This is not a job for us. Beacon Bay Holdings was created because we are passionate about helping good companies and operating executives succeed and build world-class companies. You can count on our attention and partnership.

Unlike many institutional investors, we are welcome partners to business owners. If you talk to the executive teams with whom we have partnered in the past, they will tell you that we genuinely helped improve their business; we were not judgmental, we treated their team with respect, we contributed to their success; and that they both valued and enjoyed being partners with us.

Beacon Bay Holdings is a fellow operator with capital and strong networks, eager to help you take your business to the next level.