September 30, 2013 – Jennifer Stewart quoted in Inside Dental Technology providing insight to her consolidation strategy in the dental laboratory industry

Newport Beach, CA (September 30, 2013) – Industry-leading publication, Inside Dental Technology, released its September issue containing a featured article on the topic of consolidation in the dental laboratory industry. Reinforcing the investment thesis held by Jennifer Stewart, Managing Director of Beacon Bay Holdings, the author Kate Hughes explains how the industry is experiencing structural changes that Beacon Bay Holdings is poised to capitalize on.

As a highly fragmented $7 billion industry, dental laboratories are almost entirely small, family-owned businesses. The fragmented nature of the industry is viewed as an opportunity, and consolidation is accelerating as new technology and new investors make it possible. Jennifer Stewart was quoted as saying, “The sheer volume of technological advances in terms of materials, equipment, and software over the last many years has really helped dental technology come of age, as well as increase the benefits that investment groups could potentially reap from consolidation in the industry.”

“There is still room for leaders to emerge, and that’s one of the reasons capital investment groups are so interested in the industry,” Stewart explains. There are very few large players in the market at this time. Currently, Beacon Bay Holdings (“BBH”) owns da Vinci, Nu-Life, and Cal Ceram dental laboratories with production facilities in California and New York. BBH has demonstrated its ability to select exceptional labs to partner with and grow their business, while effectively integrating new technology and processes to make them more efficient and better serve their customers. Consolidation in the industry is imminent, and BBH is well-positioned to reap the benefits for its investors and partner labs.

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