May 31, 2014 – Jennifer Stewart quoted in Lab Management Today Magazine on the benefits of private investment in the dental lab industry

Newport Beach, CA (May 31, 2014) – Industry-leading publication, Lab Management Today, released its May issue with a cover story on the involvement of private investment firms in the dental lab industry. As a leading investor in the industry, Jennifer Stewart, Managing Partner of Beacon Bay Holdings, was featured in the article.

The combination of new technologies in the market and the financial strength and stability of dental labs has driven increased interest from private investment groups. The industry is in transition, presenting both challenges and exciting opportunities to lab owners across the nation. As Stewart explains, “You need to understand your business, your customers, and continually be able to service them in this rapidly changing industry.”

There are numerous advantages for lab owners who decide to join our family of dental labs versus going it alone. Stewart explained, “By becoming part of Beacon Bay Holdings dental lab investment, there’s more access to capital and a great opportunity to partner with strong laboratories to deliver better products, more quickly grow the business together, leverage technology, and educate employees. We also can help provide a smooth transition for an owner who wants to spend less time in the business, create liquidity for his family and still ensure a strong lab for years to come.”

How to Join Us

Private investment in the dental lab industry has grown significantly over the past several years, and Beacon Bay Holdings is leading the way with investments in da Vinci Dental Studios and Cal Ceram Dental Laboratory in southern California, and NuLife Dental Laboratory in Long Island, New York. If you are a lab owner who is interested in a partnership with us please contact Jennifer Stewart at 949.263.5900.