August 15, 2013 – Beacon Bay Holdings Affiliate Announces the Acquisition of Cal Ceram Dental Laboratory

Newport Beach, CA – August 15, 2013

Beacon Bay Holdings and affiliates (“BBH”), a leading private investment firm located in Newport Beach, CA, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cal Ceram Dental Laboratory’s business.  BBH is continuing with its strategy to partner with prominent dental laboratories across North America to provide a comprehensive solution for dental clinicians.

Cal Ceram Dental Lab, Inc., founded in 1983 by Greg Sederlin, is a leader in the specialized field of implant prosthetics. The Cal Ceram team of highly trained and skilled technicians provide implant expertise from case planning and design to in-office support for prosthetic placement.  Mr. Sederlin has been a long-time implant educator in the industry and will continue to work closely with oral surgeons, implant study clubs and dentists to help them grow their practices.

Cal Ceram is joining a growing network of labs that currently includes renowned cosmetic lab da Vinci Dental Studios and NuLife Long Island, a leading dental laboratory in the New York metro area.  Cal Ceram brings 30 years of experience in planning, designing and delivering the most complex implant cases to the organization.  Their significant customer base on the West Coast and their proximity to da Vinci provides significant strategic benefits to both Cal Ceram and da Vinci customers.

Jennifer Stewart, Managing Partner at BBH, shares, “Cal Ceram was a dove-tail fit to our dental laboratory family with its loyal California customer base, exceptional technical expertise and consultative relationships with specialists and general clinicians alike.  Our family of labs is continuously focused on improving and expanding its products, services and capabilities.”

Greg Sederlin, founder of Cal Ceram, states, “My professional aspiration was to ensure the Cal Ceram legacy while providing education and hands-on collaboration for clients.  I’m thrilled to find a home for Cal Ceram that ensures our growth and shares in our commitment to serving our customers.”

About Beacon Bay Holdings

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Beacon Bay Holdings Affiliate Announces the Acquisition of Cal Ceram Dental Laboratory