Target Situations

Beacon Bay Holdings is comfortable investing in a wide range of industries and businesses. Below are some key characteristics BBH looks for in our investments:


  • Recapitalization of family or founder-owned company, or generational or management transition
  • Platform company with opportunity to grow by acquisition or geographic expansion
  • Good company with a troubled balance sheet and/or stakeholder issues
  • Experienced executive seeking to build a business with a platform company in mind
  • Industries in transition; opportunities for growth due to disruptive change in the industry
  • Distressed situations, including bankruptcy
  • Purchase of a subsidiary or brand or product line
  • Public company that can be taken private
  • Majority or minority investments


  • Revenues between $10 million to $200+ million (lower range only if consolidation platform or high growth situation)
  • Proven opportunity for revenue and profitability growth
  • Recurring revenues
  • Strong gross margins