Target Sectors

Industry Strategic
Business services Durable competitive advantage
Consumer brands Strong brand
Aerospace/Defense Intellectual Property assets
Specialty manufacturing Long term customers
Healthcare services Low cost position versus competitors
Specialty Finance
We do not invest in real estate, biotechnology, or businesses with very rapid product cycles (high tech)

Beacon Bay Holdings also actively targets certain industry subsegments. This means we have researched and are actively looking for investment opportunities within these industry sub-segments, and in some cases have industry executives assisting us in our efforts. If you are a business owner, industry leader, operating executive or intermediary with experience and relationships in the following areas, please contact us:

Consumer Brands: Natural/Healthy living. Specialty/Functional foods. Leisure/Recreation. Branded apparel and accessories.

Business Services: Water management services. Energy management services.

Health Care Services: Dental labs. Revenue cycle management.

We look forward to speaking with you about your business.