Investment Strategy

Beacon Bay Holding’s strategy is to be a trusted partner to business owners and management teams, providing capital and liquidity as well as strategic and execution insights, relationships, solutions to challenges and other resources. Our focus is helping executive teams significantly grow the value of their businesses. We are interested only in opportunities where both revenues as well as profit margins can be increased. More specifically, we:

Invest in Growth Opportunities. We focus on sizeable, growing industries and companies. Potential partner companies must have substantial revenue and profit margin growth opportunities in front of them. Often Beacon Bay Holdings is instrumental in helping companies uncover these earnings growth opportunities. We then invest not only our capital, but our expertise and experience, to help our partner companies capitalize on these opportunities.

Bring Real Value. Beacon Bay Holdings does not simply supply capital to your business. We bring outside industry experts to each company, and foster an environment with aligned incentives where they contribute in specific ways that will decrease the time or increase the effectiveness of our strategies and tactics to grow revenue and profits. We are not an additional “person to report to.” BBH rolls up our sleeves together with you – helping to find new growth opportunities, attract new talent, strengthen your processes, access our network of contacts, and bring new insights to your business.

Passionate About Helping Companies Succeed. This is not just a job for us. Beacon Bay Holdings is passionate about helping good companies and operating executives succeed and build world-class companies. You can count on BBH’s attention and partnership.

Align Ourselves With Management. We invest personally in each and every investment. BBH believes it is critical that all of us are invested together, for the same reasons, and with the same goals in mind.

We look forward to speaking with you about your business.