Why You Should Invest With Us

Beacon Bay Holdings preserves and grows our capital partner assets. We work for our capital partners, who are leading family offices and high net worth asset managers that seek preservation of capital coupled with top-tier returns and lower risk through direct private company investments together with BBH.

Focus on Family Offices/High Net Worth Investors Only With Innovative Partnership Structure.  Beacon Bay Holdings is the industry-leading private investment group that focuses solely on family offices/high net worth investors. We have pioneered this field for over a decade. We have done away with the traditional fund structure and developed a partnership structure tailored specifically for you.

Track Record of Success.  Beacon Bay Holdings has a strong track record of success. We have spent the majority of our investment careers focused on middle-market investing in non-institutional settings backed by private investors. We have direct experience in many sectors and types of transactions, and have delivered strong multiples of invested capital leading to top-tier investment returns for our capital partners.

Control Over Your Capital Commitments.  With Beacon Bay Holdings there are no more blind capital calls and inability to be familiar with where and how your capital is being deployed.  You will be thoroughly and succinctly briefed prior to every investment, and you have the ability to opt out of any particular BBH investment.

No Misaligned Management Fees.  BBH does not charge any management fees to you on committed capital.  BBH has tightly aligned its partnership structure so that the only way it does well is if you receive a strong return on your capital.

Meaningful BBH Capital At Risk.  Principals of Beacon Bay Holdings also have significant capital at risk alongside your capital. That is just the way we do business – we would never ask for your commitment of capital if we were not willing to commit our own.

Tax Efficiency.  As almost all capital invested in partnership with BBH is taxable, we pay close attention to tax impacts, and always include tax efficiency as a factor to optimize when working toward the best structure for each investment.

Targets Realize Difference BBH Offers. Potential portfolio companies can trust BBH in a unique way.  They realize we are different from other private equity groups. BBH invests with the right strategy in mind for each opportunity, rather than having to fit a particular investment into a style box. We invest with the optimal time horizon for each investment, without the need to “show an exit” for fundraising purposes.  Moreover, we have actually led operating businesses before. We therefore can build a unique dialogue and trusting relationship with target companies, owners and management.

Disciplined Approach, Refined Processes. Beacon Bay Holdings utilizes a disciplined, proprietary sourcing, diligence and value creation process. We source our deals through a proprietary, iterative process, where we form symbiotic relationships with best-of-class operating executives in our target industries. Our proactive investment thesis development process involves the identification of industry sub-segments where macroeconomic dynamics suggest a compelling investment opportunity, and we continually test the investment thesis for refinement.  BBH completes robust detailed due diligence, in collaboration with an advisory team assembled specifically for each potential investment.  We invest cautiously, make wise decisions and are focused on value creation through smart revenue growth, operational improvement and the influx of tested, innovative ideas to drive consistent, long-term, top-tier returns at lower overall risk.

Patient Investors, Focused on Significantly Growing Value.  Our innovative partnership structure, as well as BBH’s track record and processes demonstrate that our focus is on patiently finding value investments that will deliver many multiples of our invested capital.

You can trust we will work hard (and smart) every single day, together with our executive teams and advisors, to make sure we deliver on building value for you.

How to Become a Member

Beacon Bay Holdings selectively admits new members. Please contact Jennifer Stewart directly for more information at 949.464.4101.