Executive First Program

Beacon Bay Holdings often partners with talented, experienced executives to search for businesses to buy, with the partner executive then taking a CEO role in the purchased company. The executive must have identified a compelling investment thesis in his/her area of expertise.

We will then work with the executive to help refine the investment thesis, uncover opportunities that fall within that thesis, and close appropriate investments.

As your capital partner, we will:

  • Perform detailed research and outreach to uncover potential target companies with you;
  • Leverage our relationships, industry organizations and digital networks to expand our universe of target companies and operating talent;
  • Join you in meeting with companies, performing due diligence and assisting in the build-out of your management team; and
  • Supply the capital needed to complete the initial transaction as well as potential add-on acquisitions.

Post-purchase, we are the trusted partner to significantly grow the value of the business. Because we are an operator-centric investor, we understand what it takes to lead a business forward. We roll up our sleeves together when new opportunities or challenges arise. And we understand the importance of speedy decision-making and responsiveness. You do not need to worry about bureaucracies and slow answers, or answers that keep changing. You will deal directly with the decision-makers at BBH, and you can count on clear and timely communication with us. Beacon Bay Holdings believes that a successful partnership between management and investor is a two-way street. We expect things from each other; and when we both deliver, the business succeeds.

You will be priority for us. You can count on us to be responsive to your needs, and follow through on our responsibilities promptly.