Best Advisors Program

A core component of our investment strategy is to build a tailored group of advisors for every Beacon Bay Holdings investment. These partner advisors are leading executives that bring deep industry or functional expertise, experience and relationships that directly intersect with the primary forward value drivers of a particular investment.

Beacon Bay Holdings often builds our advisory team for a given investment at the beginning stages, either while we are formulating a proactive investment strategy in an industry or as we are beginning detailed diligence on a specific investment opportunity. In most cases, our advisors remain active in Beacon Bay investments throughout the life of the investment and are given specific responsibilities to help drive forward company value that best leverage their capabilities and networks. In other cases, we add advisors as particular needs of portfolio companies evolve.

We are flexible on our advisory relationships. Our advisors fall into numerous categories, including:

  • Executives leading other companies in full-time operating roles, but have the ability to take on select advisory roles to expand the universe of companies they can proactively impact;
  • Executives that have retired from full-time operating leadership roles, but would like to remain involved in their industry and continue to mentor and help companies succeed;
  • Executives that are in transition, and are looking for the right full-time leadership role.

We are continually expanding our network of potential Best Advisors™ and look forward to speaking with you about potentially becoming an advisor.