Aligned Long Term Partner

Every business works hard to keep its team aligned and focused on the same goals. Your capital partner should be no different. Business owners and management teams need to make alignment of interest with investors a priority in order to assure a successful outcome.

We Invest Personal Capital. The principals of Beacon Bay Holdings invest meaningfully in each BBH company. This is often not the case at other investment funds.

Private Capital. Unlike most other investment funds, Beacon Bay Holdings does not raise a majority of its funds from institutional investors. We have built a long term relationship with large family offices, families and executives who have built value in their businesses just like you have done. This means we bring a different perspective and enables us to invest with an undefined time horizon. We look to sell a business only when it is right for the business rather than other criteria, such as when an institutional fund needs to raise their next fund. Put simply, our investment horizon is guided by the amount of time it takes to help a business realize its full potential and by the needs of our management partners. This often makes Beacon Bay the preferred partner of management teams.

Non-Institutional. Our unique capital base also means that we share with our management partners a keen focus on finding the right strategy for the business vs. force-fitting a business into an “investment box” determined by a fund or other institutional constraints. Strengthened by our long history of investing in partnership with exceptional management teams, we work hard to leverage our network to help our companies grow in scale and value.

Flexible. We are more flexible than most investors. Unencumbered by the restrictions inherent at typical funds, Beacon Bay Holdings can invest across multiple industries, at various stages of a company’s life cycle, and in unlimited capital structures. This allows us to structure our investments creatively and best meet your needs.

Beacon Bay Holdings provides our executive partners with innovative solutions to their capital needs while aligning the interests of management and investors with the goal of creating significant forward value for all stakeholders.